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Brown is a longtime cybersecurity innovator, 该项目的课程植根于跨学科的方法,为学生提供复杂的技术技能和对当地网络安全技术和政策的全面理解, national and global levels.

Our program offers two tracks: the Computer Science Track and the Policy Track,是与沃森国际与公共事务研究所(Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs)合作开设的. 研究生将受益于由世界一流的教师和行业专家教授的在线课程,这些课程将为他们的职业需求提供现实世界的解决方案. 当威尼斯人娱乐场信誉官网的学生研究网络安全事件,如太阳风事件, 他们探讨了政治和历史以及网络威胁的技术因素.

Through your coursework, you'll:

  • 获得应对新型网络安全挑战的知识和科学框架 
  • 评估新兴技术对安全和隐私的影响,以识别漏洞并创建解决方案
  • 开发通过漏洞演示来理解和描述威胁情报的方法, attacks and defenses
  • Examine the technological, economic, human, legal, organizational, socio-political and policy challenges in this field

Additional Information

Time Commitments, Planning and What to Expect

As an online graduate student, you will attend many of the same classes as other Brown students, but remotely. 这意味着一些课程将为在校学生现场和面对面举行, 你将有能力通过观看录制的课程和在线参与所有其他课堂活动来充分参与. 在设定的上课时间出席将不是强制性的,你不会因错过现场会议而受到惩罚. 许多课程(以及所有必修课)将允许在线出席现场会议, and you will have the ability to join them if your schedule allows.  

您可以异步完成整个程序-您可以在每周的课程中,当您的日程安排允许时查看讲座. The program is not self-paced, 所以你需要和你的同学一样按时完成作业和阅读.

对于该课程有其他问题的准学生应联系John Tracey-Ursprung (

Application Information


    Application Requirements

    GRE Subject:

    Not required

    GRE General:

    Not required


    如果你的母语不是英语,托福或雅思考试是必需的. A minimum score of 105 on the TOEFL or an overall band score of 8.0 on the IELTS is a prerequisite for admission to the program.

    接受新托福特别家庭版和雅思指标考试. Students from mainland China may submit the TOEFL ITP Plus exam.

    Official Transcripts:

    Please submit transcripts for all programs, both undergraduate and graduate, for which you were awarded a degree. 请注意,非官方成绩单可能上传到网上申请, 但如果你被该项目录取,在入学前将需要正式成绩单.

    Letters of Recommendations:

    Three (3) recommendations required.

    For applicants that graduated more than 5 years ago, at least one academic reference is highly recommended. Please visit our admissions page for more information.


    Personal Statement:

    请撰写并上传一份个人陈述,说明你为什么攻读网络安全硕士学位. The statement should specify which track you are applying to, why you selected that track, and your professional goals for pursuing this degree. If relevant, 包括描述你以前在网络安全和学术研究方面的专业工作的内容. Your statement must be double spaced and in Times New Roman font. The statement should not exceed 800 words.



    Additional Requirements:

    Computer Science Track


    • An undergraduate degree in a STEM or social sciences discipline
    • Undergraduate-level coursework in (1) mathematics that covers calculus, discrete mathematics, and probability or statistics, (2)介绍计算机科学,包括计算机编程和数据结构和算法
    • 8 courses required for completion
    Policy Track

    For the Policy Track, you will be reviewed on the totality of your application, 强调课程作业或其他经验,证明与网络安全政策研究相关的写作和分析技能. You also must have completed an undergraduate degree in any subject.

    威尼斯人娱乐场信誉官网强烈建议您提交一份额外的声明,总结任何相关的学术, professional or volunteer experience in policy and cybersecurity. 你也可以在信中提到涉及重要写作的课程作业信息. 有关课程作业的信息应与描述和所获得的成绩一起列出.

    Restrictions and Licensing Requirements

    To comply with OFAC restrictions and licensing requirements, 威尼斯人娱乐场信誉官网目前不向位于以下地区的个人提供在线课程, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine. Please note that this limitation is location based, as well as applies to all citizens of these countries, regardless of location, who are ordinarily resident in these countries. 查看有关在线课程的禁运国家法规的更多信息.



    Application Timeline

    • Fall 2023: Opens September 1, 2022

    有关秋季和春季入学截止日期的更多信息,请访问威尼斯人娱乐场信誉官网Cybersecurity Admissions webpage


    Early Admission Deadline

    Application Deadline

    5th Year Deadline

    Tuition and Funding

    Graduate Tuition & Fees: Please visit the Bursar's Office for up-to-date tuition rates.

    The Master of Science in Cybersecurity program offers two types of scholarships: one covers 50% of the cost of tuition; the other covers 25% of the cost of tuition. 奖学金只适用于从该项目毕业所需的课程.

    You're automatically considered for scholarships; there is no separate scholarship application. 如果你没有被授予,不幸的是没有重新考虑的机会. 威尼斯人娱乐场信誉官网的奖学金目前是有限的,你应该探索各种各样的资助选择.

    Note that if you are interested in our limited scholarships, we encourage you to apply at the earliest date possible. 在威尼斯人娱乐场信誉官网的优先截止日期前申请的好处是,你将是奖学金的优先考虑对象之一. Find out more about graduate financial aid.

    Completion Requirements

    除了满足课程和跟踪页面上列出的课程要求, regardless of which track you're in you must:

    • Complete all courses with a grade of A or B
    • Enroll in courses at the 1000 level or higher only
    • Complete at least two 2000-level courses
    • 确保所有课程都是由你的学术顾问和研究生学习主任批准的


    Department Chair, Professor of Computer Science
    Roberto Tamassia
    Director of Graduate Studies, Computer Science Track, Adjunct Professor of the Practice of Computer Science
    Bernardo Palazzi
    Ernesto Zaldivar

    Contact and Location

    Computer Science Department

    Mailing Address

    Brown University
    Box 1910
    Visit the Computer Science Department